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Preparing my retirement

Employee savings plans can help you save for retirement

Why prepare my retirement

Chloé Baer explains the importance of preparing for retirement and the solutions that we provide.

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Advantages of scheduled contributions

Farah Bouzida tells us why regular contributions can be a leverage in the retirement saving plan.

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Why supplement your pension income?

Simply because:

  • Your resources could diminish,
  • You will have free time and will need to pay for your activities and plans,
  • The future of pay-as-you-go plans is not guaranteed,
  • our expenses may increase, especially your healthcare expenses

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Understanding the options offered by the company

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Company Savings Plan (“PEE”)/Multi-Employer Savings Plan (“PEI”)

Your PEE/PEI can help you build your wealth (lock-in period of at least five years) under advantageous fiscal conditions. Nine early withdrawal scenarios allow you access to your savings before the end of the five-year lock-in period while preserving your advantages. Your savings are invested in the funds of your choice (within the range of funds offered by your employer).

Collective Retirement Savings Plan (“PERCO”)

Specifically designed to prepare for retirement, a PERCO allows you to build, with help from your employer, additional tax-sheltered retirement income. Your savings are invested until you retire (unless one of the five scenarios for early withdrawal occurs) in self-directed funds and/or managed funds offered by your employer.

Company employee savings plan (“PERe”)/Multi-company employee savings plan (“PER-I”)

Specially designed to provide for retirement the PERe/PER-I allows you to build up additional tax- and social security-sheltered retirement income with the help of your employer. Your savings are invested until you retire or reach the legal age to claim your pension (unless one of the six scenarios for early withdrawal occurs) in self-directed funds and/or managed funds offered by your employer.