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Converting time into savings

Untaken leave days can be saved for my retirement

You can transfer the equivalent of the value in euros of the days banked in you CET account, or if you don’t have one, untaken leave days, into your dedicated retirement savings plan (PERCO or PERE-CO).
The number of days you can transfer each year is specify in your company’s CET agreement.

I don’t have a time savings account (CET)

Rights that can be transferred include:

  • RTT hours (time off in lieu);
  • days specified in collective agreements;
  • paid leaves beyond the 4th week.

Amounts transferred are exempt from income tax and some social security payroll taxes, for up to 10 days per year. Those assets are then locked up until your retirement or the legal age of retirement (except if unlocked early, including buying a home).

Taxation of time savings

Taxation of time savings