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My voluntary contributions

No matter what you’re planning and for when, you can fund your savings at your own pace. You decide

  • how much (the amount)
  • where (into what investment vehicle – FCPE)
  • how (with what payment method)
  • and what’s more, you can also choose when (how frequently) you want to pay in:
    • Occasionally, by payment card, direct debit, or cheque

    • Regularly: schedule your contributions as often as you want (monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly) and your bank account will automatically be debited.

The biggest tree started as a tiny sprout. Lao Tzu

Farah Bouzida explains why regularly scheduled contributions are a great tool for building your savings.

Watch the video

Your voluntary contributions into a PEE or PERCO are limited to 25 per cent of your gross annual income, all employee savings plans combined. Your voluntary annual contributions into a PERE-CO are not capped, but in the event of deductible voluntary contributions they are limited to your retirement savings cap.

Special case for contributions over EUR8,000 

In the event of voluntary contribution’s) above EUR8,000, whether in a single payment or cumulative over the year, French regulations require the saver to provide:

  • A photocopy of the front and back of their identify document (national ID card or valid passport)
  • Proof of residence no more than three months old 
  • A statement of the origin of the funds and assets (document available in “My documents” section of your secure account)

If documentation is missing, you contribution will be rejected or the use of your employee savings account will be restricted, in accordance with French regulations*

*Articles L.561-2 et seq., as well as article R561-16 of the French Monetary and Financial Code.

Taxation on voluntary contributions when withdrawal